Arq 7 vs Arq Premium

Arq backs up your files automatically so you don’t lose them. We offer 2 options:

  1. Arq 7: backup app you use with your own storage
  2. Arq Premium: Arq 7 app plus built-in storage and web access to your backups

Arq 7

Arq is an app that backs up your files to your cloud storage account or NAS:

Choose an encryption password and Arq will encrypt backup data before it’s uploaded so no one can read your stuff in the cloud.

If you deleted or overwrite a document and you want the old version back, restore it from an older backup record.

If your computer is lost or stolen, install Arq on a new computer and restore all your files.

When you purchase Arq 7, you keep the app you bought forever. You also receive one free year of app updates. Click on “Arq 7 Pricing FAQ” on the left for more details.

Arq Premium

Arq Premium is a subscription service that includes the Arq app for up to 5 computers plus:

An Arq Premium subscription includes the Arq app (and all updates) plus 1 TB of storage and up to 5 computers. (Additional storage usage is billed monthly per GB over 1 TB).